Dijual Bass Cort Curbow Fretless 4 senar Second Kondisi Bagus. Rp X.XXX.XXX
COD Slipi, kemayoran, sarinah, cengkareng
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Audio CD [Used]
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Aerosmith-Aerosmith Imported Rp80.000,-
Aerosmith-Just Push Play Local Rp50.000,-
Aerosmith-Nine Lives Imported Rp80.000,-
Aerosmith-Toys in the attic Imported Rp80.000,-
Aerosmith-Rocks Imported Rp80.000,-
Aerosmith-Get Your Wings Local Rp50.000,-
Aerosmith-Honkin’ on Bobo Local Rp50.000,-
Tin Machine- II Imported Rp80.000,-
Tin Machine- I Imported Rp80.000,-
Scorpions-Eye II Eye Local Rp50.000,-
Metallica-Death Magnetic Local Rp50.000,-
GNR-spaghetti Incident Imported Rp60.000,-
ACDC-Black Ice Local Rp50.000,-
ACDC – Stiff upper lip Local Rp50.000,-
Anthrax – classic Local Rp50.000,-
GNR-chinese democracy Local Rp50.000,-
Testament-Formation of Damnation Local Rp50.000,-
Alcatrazz-the best Local Rp50.000,-
Dokken-One night live Imported Rp70.000,-
Born to Fight-Compilation Local Rp50.000,-
Billy Idol-Charmed Life Imported Rp80.000,-
Bon Jovi-Bounce Local Rp50.000,-
Bon Jovi-Have a nice day Local Rp50.000,-
Nickel Back-Dark Horse Local Rp50.000,-
INXS-Elegantly Wasted Imported Rp80.000,-
Billy Idol-Whiplash Smile Imported Rp80.000,-
Billy Idol-Billy Idol Imported Rp80.000,-
Def Leppard-Slang Local Rp50.000,-

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