Behind the scene

[2016 Oktober] – [Bobby, Faiza] KMS (Knowledge Management System) early stage, has been developed in Perum Jamkrindo. Brainstorming for writing a book of KMS by Open Source Engine


[2016 November] – [Bobby, Faiza] KMS in Perum Jamkrindo has been improved. Changed book writing idea, from IT perspective to general conceptual knowledge.

[2017 May] – [Candra, Faiza, Bobby] Candra was back from Taiwan, joined the team to support from daily crazy hectic office work

[2017 July] After workshop, Re-Framing the topics into chapters

[2017 October] – [Faiza, Candra, Bobby] Brainstormed, Challenged individual ideas.


[2017 September] In the midst of Staff Development Program, on Sunday night. Based on suggestion from Faiza and Candra, we took out the NLP chapter


[2018 June] – [Candra, Bobby, Faiza] Catched up with delayed project. In the midst of crazy hectic office work and other personnel’s after office activities, stay committed


[2018 July] – [Candra, Faiza, Bobby] ‘Okay guys, that’s enuff! we have to finish this no matter what’. Working ‘till late in a bad wheather


[2018 August] – [Bobby, Candra, Faiza] Aligning each others ideas wasn’t as easy as we thought. Our Publisher request of review must be executed as soon as possible.

[2018 September] – [ Candra, Faiza, Bobby] In the midst of Public training, Plaza Semanggi on weekend? So Be it!


[2018 October] Got signed with one of the biggest Publisher in the Country. But still there were more material to be edited.


[2018 November] – [ Faiza, Bobby, Candra] Okay, Done! Sent to Publisher.


[2018 December] Announcement from Publisher. Our book will be available in Gramedia Bookstore on Dec 31st 2018. Okay, let’s plan the book launching


[2019 January 1st] – [Bobby, Faiza, Candra] Finally! Our books were published and available on Gramedia Bookstore. Happy New Year @ Grand Indonesia.


C U on our next book …..!!!!



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